Three Things You Should Expect from SEO Reselling

Private label seo programs

The facts are in, and SEO marketing is here to stay. Businesses are realizing that, with 79 percent of search engine users reporting that they rarely click on sponsored results, ranking high in organic search results is increasingly important. Studies by Outbrain indicate that search results are the number one driver of traffic for content sites. This beats social media posts by a three to one ratio.

If you are a web company selling services like email marketing, social media marketing, or PPC advertising to your clients, you might have considered adding SEO to your repetoire of offerings, but realized that the investment of time and money are too high for the returns you would receive. In an increasingly competitive online services market, however, it is important to stand out in what you can offer your clients.

This is why many online service providers have turned to outsourced SEO. These companies take part in SEO reseller plans that enable them to pass along private label SEO services to their clients. In other words, although the SEO content is produced by a third party, it will be labeled as if it is coming from you, the company that the client is familiar with. Although SEO reselling is undeniably the way to go when you want to give your clients quality services, not every plan is made the same. Here are some things you should expect from a good private label SEO reseller.

Great private label SEO programs are like partnerships between the SEO company and you. This means that your reseller program should include continual training and education so that you can provide the best services for your client and make the most of your SEO experience. Private label SEO programs come at a monthly expense, but most resellers end up making an overall profit owing to the volume of SEO content they are able to resell to their clients.

Look for private label SEO reseller programs that allow public commentary from their resellers. Is there a public forum for discussion? Small problems with posting and link generating are to be expected, but the important thing to note is how quickly and efficiently the SEO company appears to reply to these issues. Transparency is key and indicates a reliable hosting site.

A good reselling program should provide you and your clients with tools to monitor progress. Look into the details of your potential program, and not just the surface level promises. Do they offer dashboards for monitoring? Do their dashboards distinguish between hits their content is generating and nonrelated site visits? These are the types of tools that will reassure your clients, and make it easier for both of you to make sure that the SEO is working as it should.

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