Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts With a White Label SEO Report

The term white label can be hard to understand, but think of it like a canvas. A white canvas is new and ready for the artist’s creation. The same concept applies to white label products and services.
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Companies create software, reports and other services and products that they sell to entities that then have the right to name and brand them anyway they like. White label selling is common in the ecommerce and online worlds, and it is quite prevalent in digital marketing. One of the products that you might see for sale in the online marketing world is a white label SEO report.

One of the key tasks that digital marketing professionals do, whether they are in house or work for an outsourcing firm, is track how effective a company’s SEO efforts are.
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If you work in house, then you only have to produce a monthly or quarterly report for your company. But if you do outsource SEO for agencies, or if you work for a company that specializes in doing outsourced SEO tracking for numerous companies, then you could be faced with having to create dozens of reports a month.
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While you can create a template for this task, it will still be a lot of work. That’s where a white label SEO report can come in.

A white label SEO report is essentially a report created by a company that can be used multiple times with multiple clients to track your or their SEO efforts. The advantage of using this type of report is that you likely have similar clients and do similar SEO efforts for them.
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By using a white label report, you can plug and play and switch numbers and percentages in and out as needed. This makes your SEO reporting efforts for clients much easier, less time-consuming and less-costly.

When using a white label report, there are some things to keep in mind. You have to do enough customization of the report so that it looks unique for each client.
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And you also must be very careful to double-check numbers and proof read each report carefully to make sure you are not duplicating numbers from one client to the next.

Used correctly, white label SEO reports can make a digital marketer’s life much easier, while also boosting the bottom line. If you aren’t using this tool, you should consider doing so.

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